Welcome to „Floare de Bujor” Kindergarten


Thanks to technology you can visit our classroom any time you wish and take a peek at what the kindergartners are learning.On this website ,you will find all the information you need about us.We are delighted to share ours ideas and projects.Now it’s time for you to begin exploring the website by clicking of the links above.

„Floare de Bujor” kindergarten is situated in Targu Bujor, on „Gh.Buzoianu” street, number 11, in the centre of the town.

„Floare de Bujor” kindergarten is famous in the town and in the district for the quality of the educative act and the careful attention accorded to the children in every target.

We, the educators of this institution, assume the profesional duty to adapt with much responsibility and abnegation to the changes that the time will impose.

Our kindergarten mission is to create an ideal space for the most beautiful and happiest childhood of the tomorrow’s adult.



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Lascăr Catargiu (1821 – 1899) – proprietar al moşiei Ventureşti
Eremia Grigorescu (1863 – 1919) – general, comandant al Armatei I Române
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